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Kenny Gibson (born May 11, 1983 aka Kenny Kapone) is an American record producer and CEO and founder of BMB Records, one of the driving forces in Hip Hop & R&B today.

Embodying the rags-to-riches success story, Kenny pulled himself up by his bootstraps from ground up. Born in 1983 and raised in Coconut Grove, FL. Kenny became a street hustler in his youth, doing what needed to be done to make money. When his mother made the decision to move to

Atlanta, GA, he turned his life around and focused his attention on a new obsession, music.

Being an artist himself as well as an engineer, working with some of hottest artists and studios in the Atlanta music scene, (including Shawty Lo, founder of Atlantas D4L Records, as well as the acclaimed Patchwerk Studios) Kenny took his experience, wisdom and knowledge of the music business and took his music career to the next level. Trusting in his unshakable faith in God, Kenny decided to make an untraditional decision and start his own label rather than sign with an established label.

Kenny is well known for communicating his heart with boldness and authenticity, wanting his artists as well as listeners to understand that we are people with a purpose bigger than ourselves. Artists who have developed under Kennys leadership have all commented on the impact and everlasting impression he has made on them, a trusting hand of guidance in the daunting entertainment world. Kennys sincere passion and goal is to guide musicians to reach their maximum potential, and to strive to reach their dream. Kennys motto has always been Getting the job done the RIGHT way is the key to success.

He continues to stay in the studio creating music that will stand the test of time. Kenny is determined not to be confined to any particular style or a box, constantly learning and growing in his ability. He plans to be here a long time, and its what he has always wanted to do since he was old enough to know and he gives God all the praise for that! His label, BMB Records as well as the parent company, Kenny Kapone Enterprises will continue to be a

unstoppable force in the music industry for years to come!

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